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A lot of factors can contribute to the indoor air quality of your home: how well your home is sealed, whether or not you have pets, if anyone smokes, if you have a fireplace, how many products you use for cleaning…the list goes on and on.  Improving your indoor air quality is most achievable with a one-two punch: purify your air and clean your surfaces. Some of the very things that pollute indoor air – chemicals, fumes, smoke and bad odors – are imperceptible to the naked eye; having the right air purifier can go a long way in removing them from your indoor space. Still other culprits that you can see – like dust, particulate, dirt, dander, dust mites – actually tend to settle on surfaces like flooring and upholstered furniture. If they’re not removed permanently, it’s easy to stir them up, allowing them to compromise your indoor air quality all over again. For people with allergies and asthma, that can mean a difference between a good day and miserable day.

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Check the bag regularly and replace it when it is full. A vacuum cleaner bag that is only 1/3 full may be too full to clean efficiently. Remember that the air must pass through all the collected dust and debris, so a full vacuum cleaner bag means that the machine must work harder, or that it will not clean as well, or both. Look for a line on the bag and feel with your hand to determine about how full it is. If a working vacuum cleaner misses debris on the carpet or leaves behind fuzz where there was none, that's also a cue to check the bag. Need more bags? Want to save money with FREE pick-up and delivery? Contact us for more details!

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